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Largest Database

Image by Markus Spiske

Cemco takes a pride in its proprietary database, meticulously curated and refined over a span of more than 25 years. Our nuclear and power generation database isn't merely industry-wide; it delves deep into plant-specific information, offering a comprehensive overview of individual power plant’s characteristics and performances.


Within our database incubates critical information ranging from price data, annual purchase plans, item equivalency lists, and competitor procurement history. These elements form the foundation of our ability to offer concrete solutions backed by accurate and current data. Moreover, our database provides a distinct edge, offering profound insights into the historical performance and trends of each power plant. This granular perspective ensures that our solutions not only cater to the industry at large but also consider the unique circumstances of each plant.


Mere access to historical information isn't enough to have a complete understanding of a power plant or an industry. We focus on conducting in-depth, critical analyses, extracting relevant data to envisage potential scenarios and plans, thus, empowering our partners and clients to maneuver the ever-changing landscape with adaptive strategies and confidence.

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